Certification of Artificial Intelligence

For trustworthy development and use of AI:


  • Create trust and transparency with the certification of AI solutions.
  • We promote and provide guidance on the certification of Artificial Intelligence based on the EU Artificial Intelligence Act and KI.NRW.
  • On the AI Marketplace, you can showcase your certificates for maximum visibility.

By certifying AI, you can benefit from:

Mutual trust
Strengthening mutual trust between providers and users of AI solutions.
Raising awareness within the AI community for a trustworthy and secure development of AI solutions.
Establishing transparency through the certification of AI solutions.

EU Artificial Intelligence Act: Risk Level

The European Union defines four risk levels for AI applications. Depending on the risk level, different obligations and restrictions apply.


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AI certification levels in the AI Marketplace

The AI certification levels are aligned with the EU Artificial Intelligence Act and the guidelines provided by KI.NRW.

Certification level 1:

AI enterprise certification

The AI enterprise certification primarily aims to raise awareness among companies regarding existing efforts and progress in the field of trustworthy AI development. Companies commit to compliance through a self-declaration of a Code of Conduct and the establishment of transparency. This certification addresses the EU’s low and limited-risk levels.

Certification level 2:

Advanced AI enterprise certification

The level 2 certification program is an extension of the level 1 program. The level 2 certification program is aimed at organizations that have already obtained one or more industry-standard certifications.

Certification level 3:

AI app certification

The AI app certification is the most comprehensive certification process. It includes a manual audit conducted by an expert. This certification system is intended for use cases that are critical and therefore require individual scrutiny.

Consulting on AI certification

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