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Finding suitable solutions and offer your own services and apps.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Search and find suitable apps and services directly.
Step 2
Filter your search results by type, pricing model, and operating system of the applications.
Step 3
View detailed profile pages of apps and services.
Step 4
Download the appropriate applications directly, save apps as favorites, or contact the provider companies immediately.
Step 1
Fill out the online form in a few simple steps.
Step 2
The AI Marketplace verifies your information and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Step 3
Your offer will be added to the AI Marketplace service and app store and be made available to all members.

Easily manage activities

With our marketplace, you can keep track of your activities. Manage purchased solutions, browse our catalog, or find exciting organizations to collaborate with. Additionally, you may upload your own solutions and share your expertise with other users.

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Tips and tricks for the service and app store

The service and app store offers you numerous possibilities. We are compiling the most important features in tutorials to make them available to you soon. Discover helpful tips and tricks about the service and app store in our videos!

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What are apps and services?

AI apps help you solve individual challenges in engineering and become more efficient. Services may include consulting and workshops tailored to your specific needs. Let our extensive offering inspire you.

How do pricing models work?

As a provider of a service or app, you determine which pricing models are suitable for you. Therefore, you decide in advance how the purchase process should be structured. This allows us to offer services of all kinds.

How does the purchase process work?

After you have found interesting apps or services, you can confirm your purchase with a few simple clicks. You can also provide individual questions and information relevant to the providers. This gives you the opportunity to directly contact the providers to clarify any questions, suggest changes, and receive offers.

How can I use the services and apps I have purchased?

Depending on the app, various options are available for you to use them (direct applications, downloads, etc.). Services are also provided individually for you. Mmanage your items and offers easily directly on the platform.

How can I offer my own services and apps?

Create your services and apps with our forms in just a few clicks. Choose the appropriate pricing model and provide all the necessary information. Once you have filled out and submitted the form, we will review it and activate the service on the platform.

Any more questions?

We look forward to your message. Please feel free to share your concerns with us, and we will take care of the rest.

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