Engineering and AI

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  • Your benefits: learn about the advantages of using AI in engineering.
  • For the curious: gain fundamental knowledge of engineering and Artificial Intelligence on the AI Marketplace.
  • Your application possibilities: get an overview of AI providers in engineering.
  • Engineering data und AI: learn more about data standards, IT systems, and good data governance.

Your entry point for AI in engineering

Why AI in engineering?

Increase development capacities
With the use of AI in engineering, development capacities are freed up for other product ideas.
Reduce development time
By leveraging AI technologies, engineers can work more efficiently, leading to reduced development times.
Reduce manufacturing costs
A significant portion of manufacturing costs is defined during the engineering process. By utilizing AI, you can realize cost-saving potentials.
Increase innovation potential
Automating repetitive tasks in engineering creates more room for innovations.

What are the possible applications of AI in engineering?

AI use cases

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AI provider landscape

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Potential landscape

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Which engineering data is suitable for AI?