From the business idea to series production

The phases of Engineering

Engineering includes all activities involved in the creation of a technical product and possibly related services. The engineering processes can be divided into phases of strategic product planning, product, service, and service system development, as well as additional cross-sectional processes:

Strategic Product Planning

Finding Potential

Business Planning

Product Identification

Product Development

Product Design

Draft & Elaboration

Product Integration

Service Development

Service Design

Service planning

Service Integration

Production Systems Development

Production System Requirements Analysis

Production System Design

Work Planning

Production System Integration

Implementation Planning

Implementation Monitoring

Cross-Sectional Processes

Project Planning

Project controlling


Risk Management

Configuration Management

Information Management (ISO)

Measurement Process (KPIs)

Strategic Product Planning

Analyse the Initial situation

Cary out Foresight

Analyse Potential for Success and Risk

Define Direction for Strategic Thrust

Define Product Ideas

Generate Service Ideas

Derive the First Requirements

Develop Business Strategy

Develop Business Model

Develop Product Strategy

Develop a Business Plan

Product Development

Derive a Development Order

Define Project

Analyse Stakeholder Requirements

Analyse System

Derive System Requirements

Specify Functions

Specify System Architecture

Develop Test Specification

Refine Mechanical Requirements

Specify Mechanical Concept

Define Prototype

Integrate Mechanics

Verify and Validate Mechanical Development

Refine Electronic Requirements

Specify Electronics Concept

Develop Prototype

Integrate Electronics

Verify and Validate Electronics Development

Refine Software Requirements

Specify Software Concept

Implement Software

Integrate Software

SVerify and Validate Software Development

Plan Integration

Integrate Model

Run Simulation

Integrate Product

Perform Verification and Validation

Release Product

Service Development

Derive a Development Order

Define Project

Analyse Stakeholder Requirements

Describe the Service Process

Develop a Service Concept

Derive Service Components

Derive Requirements for Components

Derive Functions

Define Hardware Requirements

Define Software Requirements

Define (Customer) Interfaces

Describe the Roles of Internal and External Service

Plan Realization

Specify Service Concept

Develop Test Specification

Create Component Prototype

Run Unit Tests

Integrate Components

Verify and Validate Service System

PDesign Process

Test Service

Release Service System

Production Systems Development

Plan Production System Goals

Determine Requirement Bases

Plan Production System Structure

Plan Factory

Plan Funds

Plan Logistics

Plan Workflow

Plan Tools

Plan Workspace

Plan Material Flow

Carry Out Construction

Plan Commissioning

Carru Out Commissioning

Carry Out Series Production

Cross-Sectional Processes

Define Project

Plan Project Resources

Create (Technical) Quality Plan

Activate Project

Rate Project

Control Project

Complete Project

Planning Decisions

Analyse Decision Information

Track Decision

Plan Risk Management

Manage Risk Profiles

Analyse Risks

Handle Risks

Monitor Risks

Evaluate Risk Management Process

Plan Configuration Management

Perform Configuration Management

Plan Information Management

Carry Out Information Management

Plan Measurements

Perform Measurements

Evaluate Measurements

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Reference process of Engineering

The reference process provides an idealized overview of the individual processes in engineering. It structures the phases of engineering (also known as cycles) into areas of responsibility, process steps, and activities.

Click here to download the complete reference process for engineering.