Data Governance – Get Control of Your Data

The digital transformation towards an information society has led to the growth of internal IT structures within companies, which often lack standardization and transparency. However, data and information quality are crucial factors for the implementation of AI methods and, therefore, for the success of a company. The Data Governance Check offered by the AI Marketplace provides an uncomplicated entry point into the topic of data management and helps you assess the current state of your company.

Data Management and Corporate Data Governance

To successfully apply AI methods in companies, it is necessary to continuously document and prepare all relevant data. However, simply collecting and documenting data is not enough. Even if a large amount of data is generated, companies quickly face the next challenge: the collected data often comes from complex process, plant, or company structures, making data preparation and processing complex, time-consuming, and costly.

This is where the concept of Corporate Data Governance comes into play, describing the quality of data management in companies, including the type and extent of data documentation and processing.

How Can Companies Benefit?

If you want to leverage one of the numerous AI potentials in your company, such as continuous competitive analysis, trend and innovation identification, or early detection of conflicting requirements, it is essential to have a sufficient amount of data and good Corporate Data Governance in place. This allows AI methods to be used within the company with the maximum possible value.

To assess the current state of your Corporate Data Governance and identify potential areas for improvement, you can use our Data Governance Check, which is simple and free of charge.

The Free Data Governance Check by the AI Marketplace: How It Works

Through a questionnaire, the current state of data organization in your company is determined. Three areas are the focus of the assessment:

Process: What processes are currently established in your company in the field of Data Governance?

We not only focus on Data Governance projects but also on the documentation and storage of data within the company. We consider the degree of data utilization, the collection of performance indicators, and the handling of data privacy issues.

People: What competencies do your employees have in the field of Data Governance?

We assess the level of expertise among your employees, the importance of data management within your management team and among employees, and whether there are defined roles for data management within the company.

Technology: What technical resources does your company have and how are they utilized??

In the technology aspect, we look at factors such as whether data is systematically stored, in which formats data is provided. Additionally, we consider whether and to what extent technologies are already being used for data management, and the measures in place to protect your data from unauthorized access.

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your corporate data governance based on this information. Afterwards, you will receive specific tips and information on how to improve your corporate data governance, removing any obstacles to the implementation of AI applications in your company.

Perform Data Governance Check


Still have questions? Contact us.

If our check is not sufficient for you and you would like to learn more about corporate data governance or have any other inquiries, the KI-Marktplatz team is available to answer your questions.

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