Trends and Standards for AI – AI Day shows how it's done

By 2025, 13 percent of Germany’s gross domestic product will be generated with services and products based on the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This means that AI has enormous potential for economic growth and increased productivity in product development. How AI can enrich engineering was the topic at the AI Day of the AI Marketplace.

“The use of AI is worthwhile. However, we repeatedly find that small and medium-sized enterprises in particular fail to recognise or even implement this potential of AI applications in product development,” says Ruslan, technical project coordinator in the AI Marketplace.
The AI Day, which was organised jointly by prostep ivip and it’s OWL as part of the AI Marketplace, was therefore all about successful AI application. Different points of view were considered.



AI for better engineering


Professor Lydia Kaiser (TU Berlin) presented approaches on how AI can help to make Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) smarter. MBSE is characterised by a high degree of complexity, as many influencing variables and different stakeholders are taken into account in the modelling. AI technologies could therefore support the modelling process of systems on the one hand, but also enrich the content conception and design of the systems themselves.


It is well known that data plays a crucial role in AI development – the larger the amount of data, the better. However, these data volumes are far from universal in corporate practice. Prof. Dr. Volker Lohweg from the Institute Industrial IT presented how AI and machine learning methods can be developed and introduced in companies despite sparse data. Methods such as transfer learning, data augmentation and information fusion were discussed.

Offers from the AI Marketplace: white papers and services

Denis Tissen and Ruslan Bernijazov, research assistants in the AI Marketplace, presented various offers from the project for companies. For example, a white paper on engineering IT standards and AI was recently published, which presents the extent to which the data standards commonly used in engineering IT can be directly read and used by the most common AI frameworks, and in which cases this may not work without problems.

The AI Marketplace platform offers companies different entry points for AI in product development. From information offers such as the potential map to individual consulting services to an app store where concrete AI apps can be obtained.

The two pilot projects in the AI Marketplace impressively demonstrated how artificial intelligence is already creating added value in engineering today. For example, ubermetrics has developed an AI application that can be used to analyse online content such as product ratings. Hella Gutmann, has developed a process that supports service technicians in car workshops to detect vehicle faults more quickly.

Alain Pfouga, Managing Director prostep ivip, drew a positive conclusion: “The positive feedback from the participants and the exchange in this digital format have shown that we have hit a nerve with the companies with the event. With the AI Marketplace, we want to continue to support SMEs in particular in the introduction of AI in product development in the future.”

Explore the AI Marketplace


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