Our Vision

The quality and efficiency of product development processes can be significantly increased through the use of Artificial Intelligence. Whether automating technology scouting or optimizing design data – the potential of Artificial Intelligence in product creation is manifold. Product creation is the driving force behind product innovations in Germany and was responsible for sales of around €710 billion in 2015. In addition, product creation is decisive for the later production costs, as up to 85% of the manufacturing costs are already determined here.

Bridging the gap between product creation and AI is therefore absolutely necessary to tap this potential. However, manufacturing companies often lack the resources and expertise to use AI profitably.  Solution providers in turn lack access to customers or the necessary domain knowledge. This is exactly where the AI Marketplace comes in, by creating a platform for suppliers and customers, and in particular by supporting small and medium-sized businesses in making Artificial Intelligence usable for them.

Our ecosystem provides Artificial Intelligence for engineering work and thus revolutionizes product creation.

As a nucleus for the growing ecosystem “AI in product creation”, the AI Marketplace supports the development of new AI solutions via its digital platform. This can only succeed if trust and partnership are also transferred to the digital world. Only this way can we ensure that the necessary data basis for AI applications is created. We therefore rely on certified standards that guarantee data sovereignty and at the same time form the basis for fair cooperation.

Each partner/user should participate appropriately in the success of the ecosystem. In doing so, we rely on a successive expansion of the functionalities – starting with an intelligent partner mediation, a protected data room and a marketplace for AI applications and AI building blocks. The AI Marketplace supports all players within the ecosystem with needs-based solutions and links to the entire R&D value chain in order to transfer basic research into applications.

The AI Marketplace brings together users, solution providers and AI experts in order to unlock the potential of AI for product creation.

Four Extension Stages

Intelligent Matching

The platform brings manufacturing companies together with AI providers via an “intelligent matching service”. To this end, the providers of AI solutions create competence profiles and companies undergo an analysis to determine AI potential. By comparing competences and potentials, proposals for suitable partnerships are automatically derived. The first use cases to be developed and tested in the pilot projects are AI applications for product creation.

Protected Data Space for Product Creation

Very often we lack access to reliable data for the development and training of algorithms. The AI Marketplace provides a protected data room for development and test data to continuously improve AI applications and adapt them to customer needs. Another challenge in the development of AI applications for product creation is the sensitivity of the data. The AI Marketplace addresses this fact by implementing a reference architecture of the International Data Spaces Association, which guarantees data security and sovereignty.

App-Store for AI Solutions in Product Creation

Based on the intelligent matching service, the protected data space and the growing ecosystem, the AI Marketplace will be extended by an app store for product creation. It will provide concrete AI applications that can be used by manufacturing companies with a manageable amount of adaptation. The scope of the store will range from simple assistance functions to complex AI applications.

Toolkit for AI in Product Creation

The construction of a toolkit allows standardized AI modules to be combined with each other. In this way, even small and medium-sized companies are enabled in the long term to compile AI applications themselves and integrate them into their processes through the “plug and play” principle, without having to hire a service provider each time.