AI Marketplace meets IDSA

The topic of data spaces is discussed for almost every domain at this point in time. For many of them data spaces are already built, making use of the IDS reference architecture model. The Interoperability of data spaces is a key enabler for AI, since AI driven solutions often work best on data that is not from one single domain, but from different ones. What are special requirements for IDS based data spaces coming from AI? This is what we want to discuss with representatives of different domains, the field of AI, and with you during our event.

The upcoming virtual event “AI Marketplace Meets IDSA” is all about data spaces and will be co-hosted by the AI Marketplace and the International Data Spaces Association. Also participating is the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research, or TNO.

Wednesday, 7 July 2021 | 11:00 – 12:00 CEST
Online Event


11.00 amIntroduction
Christoph Mertens (International Data Spaces Association)
11.05 amMobility Data Space and other IDS based data spaces as foundation for AI
Chris Schlüter Langdon, Deutsche Telekom
11.15 amService Marketplaces and their compatibility to data spaces as groundwork
Konstantinos Sipsas (Intrasoft) | Ruslan Bernijazov (Fraunhofer IEM)
11.35 amDutch AI Coalition a national program that will pave the way for AI in Europe
Harrie Bastiaansen (TNO) | Frans van Ette (TNO)
11.45 amPanel discussion and outro
Moderation: Christoph Mertens (IDSA)

If you have any questions, please contact Salome Leßmann (Send email).

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