On this page you will find various information materials on the AI Marketplace that you can download – from an image brochure to white papers and scientific publications.

Whitepaper “Data Governance in Product Development”

You can download the complete whitepaper on Data Governance for free here.


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Whitepaper “Are Your Engineering IT Standards AI-Ready?”

You can download the complete whitepaper on AI-Ready Engineering IT Standards for free here.


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Project Brochure – Compact AI Marketplace

Here you can find a compact overview of the entire project available for free download.


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Research Paper “A Meta Review on AI in Product Creation”

You can download our research paper for free here.


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Whitepaper “Artificial Intelligence in Product Development

You can download our whitepaper on Artificial Intelligence in Product Development for free here.


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Infoflyer AI-Marketplace

In our flyer, you will find all the important information about the AI Marketplace summarized in a compact format.


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