Intelligent Product Monitoring

The challenge: extraction and processing of product information, especially the recognition of product features as well as their evaluation in texts.
The solution: Research and development of AI-based monitoring of online content, particularly for product monitoring.
The added value: Software for product monitoring as a new standalone product or as a new functionality of an existing product.

Monitoring of online content using AI.

Since 2011, Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH has been developing the scalable text mining and media monitoring software Delta as a Software-as-a-Service for customers worldwide. This technology converts publicly available content and data into meaningful insights for effective communication strategies.

However, analyzing this content is complex and presents various challenges for the company. For example, relevant text sources should be automatically identified in the future, and a reliable method for text extraction should be selected. Additionally, product references, product evaluations, and product features should be automatically recognized, and the assessment of the significance of customer feedback should be automated.

Monitoring of online content using AI
Therefore, the goal of the project at Ubermetrics Technologies GmbH is to enable AI-supported monitoring of online content, particularly for products. To achieve this, Ubermetrics is further developing a tool for AI-based text analysis that allows users to obtain product-related feedback. This involves not only advancing existing methods but also implementing entirely new approaches, such as automated detection of product features.

Incorporating customer feedback into future development processes

The vision is to provide companies with an AI application that extracts and analyzes relevant product information from unstructured texts. This includes non-public texts such as complaint emails, service reports, or warranty claims. The user receives information on how existing and new products are perceived by customers, enabling the identification of requirements for new product ideas and assessment of market opportunities. Furthermore, the success potential of the product can be optimized by informing the user about potential competitor products and their public feedback. Components of products that often cause dissatisfaction among customers are also identified. During product development, engineers can incorporate the insights gained into the development of future product generations, thereby increasing the market potential of the product.

The project work will result in the creation of software for product monitoring, either as a standalone product or as a new functionality of an existing product. Ubermetrics will also provide this software capability as an AI provider on the AI marketplace.

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