Potential Analyses

Are you aware of the possibilities for Artificial Intelligence in your company?

The awareness of the importance of Artificial Intelligence is growing. This is due to the development of new analysis approaches, the increasing availability of data and more powerful hardware. These factors facilitate AI applications that have the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business. For manufacturing companies, the use of AI in product creation in particular offers a wide range of opportunities and can, for example, lead to an increase in development capacities or to a shortening of development cycles.

In order to open up these opportunities, the AI marketplace offers the on-site potential analysis, with which we identify and evaluate possible applications for artificial intelligence in a structured manner. As a result, you will receive concrete AI use cases for your company including tips for implementation. Contact us to get you individual potential analysis.

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1. Identifying Challenges
We will start by observing your product development process and analysing it with regard to possible challenges. These are then prioritised so that we can work on your most relevant use cases.

2. Checking Feasibility
Subsequently, we examine which challenges of your product development process can be addressed by AI processes. For this purpose, we draw on our AI solution classes.

3. Conducting Benefit Assessment
If a challenge is being addressed by an AI process, an AI potential results. These AI potentials are being analysed with regard to the benefit for your company.

4. Unlocking Potentials
In cooperation with your company, we refine the prioritised AI potentials and develop recommendations for actions on how the identified AI potentials can be implemented.


Our leaflet around the potential analysis offers further information (in German).

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You have got further questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your individual AI potentials.

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