More than a platform – AI offerings for SMEs

Analyses, quick checks and expert feedback: Take advantage of our free AI offerings for your company.

In the AI Marketplace, research institutions and companies are working on a platform for AI solutions in product development. But there are already free services that small and medium-sized companies in particular can use to tap the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in this area.

Services of the AI Marketplace make SMEs ready for AI in product creationl

Potential Analyses

Get valuable expert feedback on the specific potential benefits of AI in your product creation.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of AI. The decisive factors here are new analysis approaches, the increasing availability of data, and powerful hardware. For manufacturing companies, the use of artificial intelligence offers a wide range of opportunities, especially in product development, and can lead, for example, to an increase in development capacities or to a shortening of development cycles. However, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are often unaware of these potentials and are therefore unable to exploit them.

This is where potential analysis comes in: In order to tap into these opportunities, the AI marketplace offers a tool that identifies and evaluates possible uses for artificial intelligence in a structured manner. First, individual challenges are recorded in order to then check which AI technologies can be used to find solutions. After a subsequent benefit assessment, companies receive concrete use cases for AI including tips for implementation in their company.

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Data Check-up

Optimize your data structures, data governance and data continuity with support from the AI Marketplace team.

Data obtained from complex process, plant or enterprise structures is often extremely heterogeneous. Processing and maintenance are time-consuming and cost-intensive. However, it is essential for the successful application of AI methods that data is prepared consistently. The quality of data management in companies and organizations is often described with the term corporate data governance.

With the help of the data check-up, companies can have their current corporate data governance assessed. The assessment categories range from processes that a company has established in the area of data governance to the current competence level of employees and the available technical resources in the area. As a result, companies immediately receive a classification of their maturity level as well as concrete tips and information on how they can improve their corporate data governance so that nothing stands in the way of the use of AI applications.

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The AI Readiness Check examines the digitisation stage.

AI Readiness Checks

Is your company ready for the introduction of artificial intelligence? Find out in short quick checks where your company stands in terms of digitization and how AI can help you move forward – online or on-site at your company.

The starting points for artificial intelligence applications vary from company to company. Nevertheless, there are general prerequisites for the industrial use of artificial intelligence. These range from technical prerequisites, such as the availability of structured data, to organizational prerequisites, such as an AI strategy, to aspects of corporate culture, such as the willingness of employees to change.

With the AI Readiness Check, the AI Marketplace offers a free tool that companies can use to determine their maturity level for the use of AI solutions. By taking part, they can find out whether they are ready for the use of artificial intelligence – especially in product development. In addition to determining the maturity level, the AI Readiness Check offers helpful tips on how to best prepare for the use of AI in product creation.

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Associated Partnership

Associated project partners benefit from direct access to the latest project results and up-to-date AI know-how.

Through an associated partnership, companies receive many benefits without making any major commitments themselves: first of all, they get direct access to the offers and research results from the AI Marketplace project. This keeps them up to date with current developments on the topic of AI in product creation. In addition, they get direct access to our events and publications and thus access to the innovation ecosystem that is being created around the AI Marketplace platform. Beyond that, however, further-reaching participation, for example in the form of a joint pilot project for AI in product creation, is also conceivable.

With these offerings, the AI Marketplace is making a contribution to making SMEs in Germany – and beyond – fit for the use of artificial intelligence in product creation. It is also a contribution to making “Artificial Intelligence (AI) made in Germany” a globally recognized seal of quality.

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Das Wort Change prangt als weiße Schrift auf schwarzem Grund und spiegelt sich. Es soll den Einsatz von Künstlicher Intelligenz im Change Management darstellen.

Wie Künstliche Intelligenz das Change Management verbessert

Das Change-Management ist in der Produkt- und Dienstleistungsentwicklung von großer Bedeutung. Künstliche Intelligenz kann dabei helfen, Auswirkungen von Änderungen frühzeitig zu identifizieren und Fehler in der Entwicklung zu vermeiden.

Zwei Personen sitzen vor Dokumenten und analysieren Wettbewerbsdaten.

Effiziente Wettbewerbsanalyse unterstützt von KI

KI kann Unternehmen bei der Durchführung einer kontinuierlichen Wettbewerbsanalyse unterstützen, indem sie die Aufbereitung und Recherche von Daten automatisieren und die Interpretation und Visualisierung von Analysen vereinfachen.

Vier Textmarker sind auf weißem Grund zu sehen. Ein blauer, ein lilaner und ein oranger Textmarker sind geschlossen. Ein pinker Textmarker ist geöffnet.

Systementwurf: Dank KI relevante Infos extrahieren

KI kann beim Systementwurf unterstützen, indem sie relevante Informationen aus Prüf- und Testberichten extrahiert und diese für den aktuellen Systementwurf vorselektiert. Dies führt zu einer Verbesserung des Endprodukts und einer Optimierung der Datenqualität und Dokumentation.

Ein Kabelbaum auf organgem Grund.

Automatisierte Konsistenz im E/E Bereich

Erfahren Sie, wie Künstliche Intelligenz bei der Sicherstellung der Konsistenz von Modellen zwischen OEM und Zulieferern helfen kann und welche Vorteile dies bietet.

Ein abstraktes 3D Modell soll ein CAD-Modell darstellen, das bei der Finite-Elemente-Methode benötigt wird.

KI-Unterstützung in der Finite-Elemente-Methode

Erfahren Sie, wie Künstliche Intelligenz in der Finite-Elemente-Analyse eingesetzt werden kann und welche Vorteile dies für Unternehmen bietet.