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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to fundamentally change the way we do business. The use of artificial intelligence can change individual activities, entire processes or even market services. The starting points for applications of AI thus vary from company to company. Nevertheless, there are general requirements for the industrial application of Artificial Intelligence. These range from technical requirements, such as the availability of structured data, to organizational requirements, such as an AI strategy, to cultural requirements, such as the willingness of employees to change.

The free AI-Readiness-Check of the AI Marketplace

With our AI-Readiness-Check, we offer you a free tool with which you can determine the maturity level of your company for the use of AI solutions. By participating, you can find out whether your company is ready for the use of artificial intelligence, especially in product creation. In addition to a maturity assessment, you will also receive helpful tips by e-mail to prepare your company in the best possible way for the use of artificial intelligence in product creation.

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