­čôů AI Day – How AI redesigns Product Creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) in product creation holds great potential for economic growth and increased productivity. 13 percent of the gross domestic product in 2025 is expected to be generated in Germany with services and products based on the use of AI. This corresponds to sales of 488 billion euros.

These figures show that the use of AI is worthwhile. But how can small and medium-sized enterprises in particular introduce AI applications in product creation? Often, there is a lack of sufficient expertise to see potentials and subsequently leverage them. Providers of AI applications, on the other hand, lack access to domain knowledge in order to develop solutions for concrete problems of the companies.

In this context, prostep ivip and it’s OWL jointly invite you to the virtual AI Day 2021 as part of the AI Marketplace.

18 November 2021 | 13.00 – 15.30 hrs
Digital event

We focus on the topic of artificial intelligence in product creation. We want to bring together professionals, executives, experts and scientists from the AI community and product creation to demonstrate the potential of AI and help build the bridge between the two domains.



13.00 hrsWelcoming Remarks
Dr. Alain Pfouga, prostep ivip
13.10 hrsArtificial Intelligence in Product Creation
Prof. Rainer Stark, Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin
13.25 hrsOpening black boxes with XAI technologies
Prof. Dr. Barbara Hammer, CITEC, Bielefeld University
13.40 hrsWorkshop: Experiencing AI Marketplace
14.40 hrsData Preparation for Data Analytics
J├Ârg Br├╝nnh├Ąu├čer, Fraunhofer IPK; Ren├ę W├Âstmann, TU Dortmund
15.00 hrsAI-based producibility analysis and setup of complex machines using the example of d├╝spohl’s RoboWrap
Steven Koppert, Fraunhofer IEM
15.20 hrsWrap-up
Dr. Alain Pfouga, prostep ivip
15.30 hrsEnd



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